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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Overall Rating:

Age Recommendation:
Again, I recommend that this novel be for a mature reader, around 13. There are mild references to sex.

Cover Art:
The cover art for this one is beautiful. I love the vibe that it gives off with the water, the greenery, and the swans. It makes for a very sweet and romantic atmosphere. As well as the sentimentality of the swans to our beloved Noah.

Sparks's 1996 debut novel, The Notebook, was a fast and easy read that sold millions upon millions of copies. Other bestselling love stories followed (Message in a Bottle; A Walk to Remember; The Guardian), but Sparks's fans have from the very beginning eagerly anticipated a sequel to the romantic tale of Allie and Noah Calhoun. The wait is now over.

Attorney Wilson Lewis has been married to Noah and Allie's daughter, Jane, for 30 years. Wilson and Jane have raised three children and lived a satisfying and prosperous life in the bucolic town of New Bern, N.C. After forgetting his anniversary, Wilson realizes that the passion and romance have gone out of his marriage and fears his wife no longer loves him. Being a methodical man, he decides to embark on a yearlong program to renew his romantic ties to his wife, seeking out the advice of Noah, who now spends his days in a retirement home feeding a swan he is sure is the reincarnation of his beloved Allie.

In the midst of Wilson's machinations, his daughter Anna announces she is getting married. The upcoming wedding provides Wilson with the opportunity to bring his elaborate plan to fruition. Sparks tells his sweet story competently, without sinking too deeply into the mire of sentiment; a gasp-inducing twist comes at the very end. Satisfied female readers will close the covers with a sigh and a wish that a little of the earnest, too-good-to-be-true Wilson might rub off on their own bedmates.

My Review:
This story is just so sweet. While there is some confusion about Noah being alive after witnessing his death in the movie The Notebook, he is indeed still alive in the novels. We follow our main character Wilson as he tries to rekindle the flame in his suffering marriage as his daughters upcoming wedding arrives.

Relationships are never easy, especially repairing them. But with the propper dedication and faith, there may still be a chance. This is the attitude given by Noah when his son-in-law comes to him for help to save his marriage. Noah relates the story of how he used his personal notebook to keep the love between him and Allie alive with her fading memory.

With Noah's advice, Wilson devises a plan to save his marriage with Jane, and it has to do with his daughter's upcomming wedding! We are there as his plan unfolds, witnessing all of the struggles he faces as well as the outcome. Sparks could not have written a more perfect sequel to The Notebook. Again, his character and plot development is solid, leaving the reader with a perfect sense of the emotions present in the novel as well as getting to know the characters.

This love story is another great read that can be read over and over and I highly recommend it. Especially if you liked the story of The Notebook. Allie is still present in Noah's heart and the love he shares for her is still just as heartwarming as it was before.


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