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Friday, June 12, 2009

My Overall Rating:

Age Recommendation:
I would recommend an age of 13 for this book. There are some sexual references but they are fairly mild.

Cover Art:
I think that the cover art for this is amazing. It is a wonderful representation of Allie's dream house with Noah.

In a testimony to the lasting power of love, a man tells an elderly woman a story from a faded old notebook, his voice relating the heartbreaking tale of two lovers and their fifty-year journey to happiness

My Review:
The notebook is a bittersweet lovestory. Most already know the storyline, as this novel was made into a movie, but the book is so very different. There is so much raw emotion in the novel that was not captured in the film, and parts that were just left out (as what happens in so many movies).

Sparks did another outstanding job with his character and plot development. You feel like you're Allie by the end of the book, listening to your own life story. The dedication that Noah has for Allie while in Assisted Living is just so heartwarming, and it shows just how much he really did love her.

There are some very slow parts in this book. Some that make you almost want to put it down, yet there is just something about the tale that makes you want to continue reading. Perhaps it is because of how real the situation is to everyone. There is something that anyone can relate to in this novel. And Sparks did a great job of making those relations evident.

I can not say that I absolutely loved this book. But I do like it. A lot. There is just something about the bittersweet romance between the two lovers that tugs at your heartstrings. I do recommend this book and it is re-readable. Just be sure to have a tissue or two just in case.


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