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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Overall Rating:

Age Recommendation:
This book is appropriate for ages 16 and up. There are some themes that are more suitable for a mature reader such as sex, animal cruelty, along with extreme stalking.

Cover Art:
I love the cover. I think it suits the book perfectly, depicting two of the main characters in one of the settings that is crucial to the story. The silhouette of the person and dog also coincides with the suspense aspect of the novel.

Since her husband's tragic death fours years before, 29-year-old Julie Barenson had been reluctant to date, but now feels ready to test the waters. Soon, she is being wined and dined by Richard Franklin, a handsome and sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen. She also suddenly finds herself entertaining romantic thoughts about Mike Harris, her best friend in the world. Mike is nowhere near as debonair as Richard and has permanent grease stains on his hands from his work as an auto mechanic, but he's funny, loyal, and a great favourite with Julie's beloved dog Singer. When Julie innocently chooses between the two men, she has no idea that she will set off a chain of events at once terrifying, dangerous and, ultimately, deadly. A riveting tale of love, jealousy and obsession, THE GUARDIAN has all the romance that Nicholas Sparks' fans have come to expect as well as a new element of suspense that will keep them turning the pages late into the night.

My Review:
This is by far my favorite book. It's the perfect thing to read when you're wanting a little suspense, or if you just want a really sweet love story of overcoming the fear of losing a perfect friendship. We follow Julie, who recently lost her husband due to illness, and her dog Singer, whom her husband left behind to protect her after he died.

Julie finally begins to date again after four years. Letting go of the person you love most is never easy, and finding something to help fill that void can be difficult beyond belief, so who can really blame Julie for turning down offers? We follow her as she begins to come out of her shell and come into herself once more. She ends up dating the perfect guy, or is he? Richard spoils Julie, but something weird is going on, and Singer knows what's up. And he isn't the only one. Mike, Julie's late husbands best friend can sense something as well. And after having feelings for Julie for a while and because of his loyalty to his late best friend, he can't let anything happen to Julie.

This story of love, passion, and suspense leeaves me on the edge of my seat everytime I read it, which I have lost count of. The story never gets old. The characters are so real, and you really feel like you're in the action. By the end of the book, I felt like I knew exactly what Julie was feeling: all of the love, suspense, pain, and happiness. Sparks did quite an amazing job with this one, and I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat. It is most definitely re-readable and absolutely worthwhile. If you ever get the chance, I really do suggest that you read this wonderful story. It will most definitely touch your heart.


Eli said...

I guessed your rating on this! Sounds like a great read! :)

Sandy said...

Oooh. This sounds like something up my alley... thank you for the review!

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