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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Overall Rating:

Age Recommendation:
I would recommend age 15 and up for this one. There are again, mild sex references as in all of Sparks' books, but there is also the subject matter of 9/11 that may be a bit much for a younger reader.

Cover Art:
I love the cover. The horse pasture is just so calming and has so many meanings: distance, hope, tranquility, and even fear. Many of the feelings captured by this book.

When Savannah Lynn Curtis comes into his life, John Tyree knows he is ready to turn over a new leaf. An angry rebel, he had enlisted in the army after high school, not knowing what else to do. Then, during a furlough, he meets the girl of his dreams. Savannah Lynn Curtis is attending college in North Carolina, working for Habitat for Humanity, and totally unprepared for the passionate attraction she feels for John Tyree.

The attraction is mutual and quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Savannah vowing to wait for John while he finishes his tour of duty, and John realizing that he's ready to settle down with the young woman who has captured his heart. Neither can foresee that 9/11 is about to change the world and will force John to risk every hope and dream that he's ever had. Like so many proud men and women, John must choose between love and country. And like all those left behind, Savannah must decide to wait or move on.

How do we choose wisely? How can we face loss-without giving up on love? Now, when he finally returns to North Carolina, John will discover that loving Savannah will force him to make the hardest decision of his life. An extraordinary, moving story, Dear John explores the complexities of love -- how it survives time and heartbreak, and how it transforms us forever.

My Review:
Loss is never easy. And neither is love. Everything in life comes with hardships, and in this novel, Nicholas Sparks portrays these hardships quite well. From difficulties in keeping a relationship alive over time and distance to dealing with horrific loss. There is something that all readers can relate to.

Sparks introduces these characters to us and we get to know them fairly quickly, just as they fall for one another. But the difficulties of long-distance relationship puts quite a strain on the newly-found love. How do you choose to wait for someone who can't be there when you need them, and may never return? Savannah is quite the believer. Not only in John, but in herself and the love that they share.

This inspiration story of love and hurt will touch the heart of any reader, showing just how much true love can do for a person. Everyone wants to find that special someone and when they do, they need to hold on and not let time or distance get in the way. This story in particular will always have a special place in my heart with it's link to U.S. history and everyday situations and is most definitely re-readable. I strongly recommend this book as it is so heartwarmingly sound and real.

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