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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Special Post -2

Hey there! So I know I promised this for yesterday, but I came down with a nasty little 48 hour bug. ANYWHO. On to the special post!!

Recently, I rediscovered an old manga. I first discovered this series when G4 was still Tech TV and did a program called Anime Unleashed. In this program, they aired different series without disclosing the name until it began. (Or if you were lucky enough to get program info haha). I ended up discovering a few different titles this way, actually. But this one particular title that I fell in love with was: Silent Möbius.

Silent Möbius (pronounced "moeuhbius", derived from German), although not having the most spectular and beautiful art, has quite the interesting story. There is a special police force called the AMP (Attacked Mystification Police Force) that is composed of seven women who all have different talents to bring to the table. These women banded together to fight what are known as Lucifer Hawks, extra-dimensional beings from the world Nemesis.

These creatures were brought into our world by a tragic accident when an attempt was made in 1999 to swap Earth's polluted air and water for the clean air and water of Nemesis. This link between worlds granted the Lucifer Hawks entrance to Earth and brought devastation to those who created the link and generations to follow.

The story follows the women of the AMP and their conquest to destroy the Lucifer Hawks as well as attempting to maintain a private life.

The series consisted of 12 manga, 26 episodes, and two motion pictures. The manga ran from 1991-2003, the anime ran from April to September in 1998, with the first film in 1991 and the second in 1992.

I had spent years searching for all 12 of the manga in their original print, and last September I succeeded. And until just recently, I had forgotten just how much I LOVED this series. Below is just the opening to the Anime as well as the trailers for each of the movies.

Sorry for the quality :P they are a bit old haha! Oh, by the way, this series is rated Older Teen on the manga, and for a reason. It is a little bit mature. I'd advise an age recommendation of about 14.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little Special Post, and maybe were introduced to something you might like!

Happy reading bloggers! (Or watching ;D )



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