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Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey there! So I just wanted to post a little update, keeping you all up to date with what's been going on. School has been keeping me super busy this past week and a half which has been taking away a good bit of my reading time. Also, I've been spending some time working on my novel, which you can find the link to on my sidebar. If you are interested in reading or following, just let me know. The way that it is set up requires an approval to view. I currently have a synopsis posted and the first chapter will be up later today. Anyway, aside from school and writing, my 2-year anniversary with my boyfriend is tomorrow, so I've also been busy preparing his present. Needless to say, after tomorrow, my time will be greatly freed up so I can go back to reading and reviewing!

Now, aside from this, I just wanted to post a little trailer for you guys!!

Wither by Lauren DeStefano was just released. I just love this trailer so much. And the book is absolutely beautiful.

Happy reading~!



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