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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Overall Rating:

Age Recommendation:
I would recommend this book to any young adult girl. There is some crude humor in it but nothing extreme.

Cover Art:
The cat kills me. The cover really doesn't have much to do with the story but it is just downright adorable. Well, it is supposed to be the main character and one of her cats, but it's completely random. I love it.

The nub and gist is that I have accidentally acquired two Luuurve Gods.

Oh my giddy god! Georgia has somehow landed back in the cakeshop of agony now that Robbie the Sex God has returned and she has three potential snoggees. What's a proper girl to do? Hide, of course, and hope that she will be able to choose one before she ends up all aloney on her owney.

My Review:
As always, I am blown away by Louise Rennison's work. Every since the first book, I have been absolutely IN LOVE with this series. The woman is a genius. I just cannot get enough of Georgia. The girl is so crazy but you can't help but completely adore her. And her "ace gang" is right up there with her.

In this eighth installment, Robbie (her original love) is back and causes more problems for our dear little Georgia. Especially when things are starting to get heated with the drop dead gorgeous Italian hunk Masimo.

It is so amusing to read about Georgia's life. Rennison writes this series in the form of a diary. So you go through the day with Georgia as she writes everything down. From living with her psychotic family to her nutty friends to her totally messed up love life.

Love is a Many Trousered Thing is written in such a simple yet classy style that anyone can read easily and get hooked. They are pretty short reads but they are so much fun. I can guarantee that you will be laughing out loud at the ridiculous events that unfold in each book.

This is definitely a re-readable book, as is the whole series. And I would recommend it to anyone. It's a great pick-me-up read as well. ;)


Cindy said...

my favorite cover of these books!
just found ur blog! its cute! i'm a follower now!

pirate penguin said...

I LOVE this series! It's so full of randomosity ;) I love Robbie but Dave the Laugh is her perfect match, no doubt about it... I hope they get together (and stay together durr!) I can keep Robbie ;) I don't mind if he sings me songs about wombats xD

urgh, I don't like the new covers nearly as much as the old ones.. The old ones were more original (and pertained to the story!) Besides...the cat doesn't even look like Angus. :(

Anonymous said...

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