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Friday, March 23, 2012

Okay, so I just got back from the midnight release of The Hunger Games. I have to say, I was quite impressed by the work done to make this film work. It was quite the spectacle. Being the midnight premiere, people do some interesting things. Dressing up is one. And I am proud to say that I was a part of that. It was a whole group effort. Some of us, myself included, just went as tributes. We had a Katniss, and Effie, a Rue, and a Foxface. The fun part of this cosplaying, is seeing all the other people who dressed up for the occasion. But the costuming isn't what I really want to talk about here. I want to talk about the film and the experience that went along with it.

We saw the film in a Regal RPX theater. For those of you who don't know, RPX is the Regal equivalent of IMAX. Huge screen, amazingly comfortable seats, and exceptional sound quality, this theater made the experience of seeing this film so much more amazing. With the crazy camera angles and movement, the enhanced screening made it much easier to follow than how a standard screen would have been.

The crazy camera work that was done was very effective at creating the sense of chaos that was enveloping the arena. It created a sense of desperation that otherwise would heave only been interpreted by dialogue and the characters portrayal. While at times it did make me dizzy and slightly annoy me, I think that it really added to how the audience interpreted the emotions felt by those in the arena.

Now, what everyone is waiting for. How did the movie hold up against the book?

Well, to be honest, they did a fairly good job of staying true to the book. The changes made by the filmmakers for the most part were done in the best interest of the film and I think that for the sake of being a movie, they were well advised. There were some things that were left out that only made sense if the viewer had in fact read the books or did some serious research before going to see the film. My boyfriend accompanied me to the film. He had not read any of the books and I found myself explaining quite a few different aspects of the film that were left out. Things about the history of Katniss' family and the history of the districts and The Capitol. However, the film has convinced him to read the books. As I'm sure it has done for so many of the viewers.

All in all, I'd say that this is one of the better film adaptations of a novel and I cannot wait until Catching Fire comes out. Rumored to be November 22, 2013. Let's hope that they stay on track!!


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