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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Privacy Policy

Here at The Romantic Scholar I take your privacy very seriously. As well as your safety and identity.

For any contest that I host, I now use a form that keeps all entries confidential. Your email will never be saved or distributed to third parties. I will be the only one to ever view your email address, and after the winner of a contest is selected, all email addresses are deleted.

Since the nature of this blog is YA and occasionally older, I do recommend that no one under the age of 13 is following this blog without parental consent. Now, I cannot require this, so I do have to trust you. But please do not take this recommendation lightly. The books that I review are at a more mature level that I am sure some parents would not find appropriate.

Contest applicants:
If you win a contest, I will be contacting you via email to acquire your mailing address. Before accepting an address, I do need to ask that your are either 18 years of age or that you have received permission from your parents to give out your address. Once again, since I cannot require a signed permission form, I do have to trust you. All addresses are deleted after the book is sent to the winner.

I always appreciate new followers, including the younger ones. I do however want to keep them safe and I want to make sure that they are in an area that is age appropriate for them. You can view all of my age recommendations in my reviews. I do recommend that my followers are at least 13 years of age to avoid inappropriate content disclosure, but as long as you approve, I am more than happy to welcome your child to my blog. If you have any questions pertaining to age appropriateness and privacy, please email me at theromanticscholar@gmail.com

Review Policy

Hello, and welcome to The Romantic Scholar.

You can reach me at theromanticscholar@gmail.com

I love reading and reviewing current and soon to be released books, as well as previously released books. If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review a particular book or ARC, please email me for my contact information. Below, you can see my specific conditions for reviewing and accepting books for review as well as how I review.

What I Like:
I prefer to read and review mainly YA books, but I will occasionally accept and read both Independent Reader and Adult books. I do have particular genres that I prefer which mainly revolve around the paranormal and fantasy genre. I also like books with underlying love stories, as well as the romance genre. I also enjoy reading chick-lit and the occasional sappy and sentimental story. Please email me the title of which you would like me to review so that I can let you know if I'm interested.

What I am Currently Not Accepting:
I apologize, but I am not accepting self-published novels at this time. I am also currently not accepting e-books, as I do not have a device on which to read them. But still feel free to email me. You never know, there are those days where reading on the computer can be fun :)

How I Review:
All of my reviews are honest and solely my opinion. And I am sorry that I cannot guarantee them to be positive. I judge based on the cover, the writing style, the content, and the character development. All of my review posts have a personal age recommendation, the cover art, a published summary of the book, and my thoughts on it. I do my best to maintain a spoiler free blog. This is solely a hobby and I do not receive any form of payment for my reviews. Also listed in my reviews is the product description of the book (publisher, page numbers, and release date) as well as where and how I received the book (sent from publisher/author, or purchased from store).

From time to time I hold contests on my blog and I like to do interviews with authors. I you are an author and would like to do an interview with me for an upcoming or newly released book, I would be more than happy to oblige. Just email me. I would be more than happy to post book trailers or any other promotional device you would like.

You can find all of my blog stats by using my sitemeter at the very bottom of the page. If you have any other questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me! :)

I also have a detailed privacy policy. You can find it here.

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