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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Privacy Policy

Here at The Romantic Scholar I take your privacy very seriously. As well as your safety and identity.

For any contest that I host, I now use a form that keeps all entries confidential. Your email will never be saved or distributed to third parties. I will be the only one to ever view your email address, and after the winner of a contest is selected, all email addresses are deleted.

Since the nature of this blog is YA and occasionally older, I do recommend that no one under the age of 13 is following this blog without parental consent. Now, I cannot require this, so I do have to trust you. But please do not take this recommendation lightly. The books that I review are at a more mature level that I am sure some parents would not find appropriate.

Contest applicants:
If you win a contest, I will be contacting you via email to acquire your mailing address. Before accepting an address, I do need to ask that your are either 18 years of age or that you have received permission from your parents to give out your address. Once again, since I cannot require a signed permission form, I do have to trust you. All addresses are deleted after the book is sent to the winner.

I always appreciate new followers, including the younger ones. I do however want to keep them safe and I want to make sure that they are in an area that is age appropriate for them. You can view all of my age recommendations in my reviews. I do recommend that my followers are at least 13 years of age to avoid inappropriate content disclosure, but as long as you approve, I am more than happy to welcome your child to my blog. If you have any questions pertaining to age appropriateness and privacy, please email me at theromanticscholar@gmail.com

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