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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Overall Rating:

Cover Art:
I love this cover so much better than the hardback's cover. It just so darn adorable don't you think? It really suits the story, and not just because Phoebe is a runner. It's a really cute story.

Age Recommendation:
There really aren't any red flags in this book for an age rating. I think a 12 or 13 year old reader would be fine.

When Phoebe’s mom returns from Greece with a new husband and plans to move to an island in the Aegean Sea, Phoebe’s well-plotted senior year becomes ancient history. Now, instead of enjoying a triumphant track season and planning for college with her best friends, Phoebe is trying to keep her head above water at the ├╝berexclusive Academy.

If it isn’t hard enough being the new kid in school, Phoebe’s classmates are all descendants of the Greek gods! When you’re running against teammates with superpowers, dealing with a stepsister from Hades, and nursing a crush on a boy who is quite literally a god, the drama takes on mythic proportions!

My Review:
Ok, so we all know that senior year is tough. Looking into what school you'll be attending, doing your best to get the grades, and saving up for when you're finally on your own. This is nothing compared to Phoebe's senior year.

How would you feel if your mom randomly told you that she was getting married? And to a guy she just met. I don't know about you, but I would be majorly concerned of my mother's mental health. And on top of that, you're moving halfway around the world!? Ok, major issues there.

This is Phoebe's senior surprise. To find out her mother is getting married and that all of her hard works and dreams are going down the drain. Plans to stay with friends throughout college, and getting that full scholarship to the school of her dreams is no longer a reality.

Oh. My. Gods. was a very clever and very cute read. And not to mention, very fast. It was impossible for me to put this book down. Tera Lynn Childs did an excelent job of character development and plot development that you really get to know all of the characters and really feel like you are the one in Phoebe's shoes (and not because they are really cute Nike's).
I completely felt all of the agnst the Phoebe was dealing with, from schoolwork to issue with making new friends and enemies.

This book is an excelent read and I would recommend it to anyone because I really think that everyone can find somehting to relate to. We've all gone to or will go to high school and we've all dealt with the same sort of problems. This book just capture the whole teen angst thing really well. From being a child with one parent to having a step-parent and then moving to a knew place and having to make new friends.

I will definitely be reading this one again!

The sequel Goddess Boot Camp is on sale now and will be on sale in June in paperback.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey guys, sorry I didn't post. I ended up having a really hectic day and I just got home from school. I would have posted sooner if my windshield wipers didn't break in the pouring down rain. Or if I didn't end up popping a tire getting on the highway. So again, I'm sorry I didn't have a review posted for you guys. I'll have one tomorrow though! Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs!!! And after that...Shadowland and an interview with Alyson Noel!!

See you all later!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So, I've decided to join J-Kaye's 100+ 2010 Book Challenge! I figured it would be fun to do a challenge this year. So, I will be keeping track of my reads here and in my sidebar as before.

1. The goal is to read 100 or more books. Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate.

--Non-Bloggers: Post your list of books in the comment section of the wrap-up post. To learn how to sign up without having a blog,
click here.

2. Audio, Re-reads, eBooks, YA, Manga, Graphic Novels, Library books, Novellas, Young Reader, Nonfiction –
as long as the book has an ISBN or equivalent or can be purchased as such, the book counts.

What doesn't count: Individual short stories or individual books in the Bible.

3. No need to list your books in advance. You may select books as you go. Even if you list them now, you can change the list if needed.

4. Crossovers from other reading challenges count.

5. Challenge begins January 1st thru December, 2010. Books started before the 1st do not count.

6. When you sign up under Mr. Linky, put the direct link to your post where your books will be listed. Include the URL to this post so that other viewers can find this fun challenge. If you’d prefer to put your list in the sidebar of your blog, please leave your viewers the link to the sign up page. Again, so viewers can join the challenge too.

Books I've read:
1) Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz
2) Evermore by Alyson Noel
3) Blue Moon by Alyson Noel
4) Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs
5) Shadowland by Alyson Noel

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I had been given this award awhile ago and recently and decided to finally give it out. :)

I received this award from The Book Pixie and Bookworm Nation.

I'm supposed to nominate 15 bloggers that I've recently stumbled upon and think are lovely. Here we go!

I nominate:

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4) The Bookaholics
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6) Pure Imagination
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8) Crackin' Spines & Takin' Names
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13) The Bookologist
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15) A Life Bound By Books

<3 Ali

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Overall Rating:

Cover Art:
I didn't like the cover art for this one as much as Evermore's. As pretty as it is, I just didn't think it portrayed the book as well. It's a very complex cover that takes a lot of dissecting to see the connection.

Eager to learn everything she can about her new abilities as an Immortal, Ever turns to her beloved Damen to show her the way. But just as her powers are increasing, Damen’s are waning.

In an attempt to save him, Ever travels to the magical dimension of Summerland, where she learns the secrets of Damen’s tortured past; a past which he has always kept hidden from her. But in her quest to cure Damen, Ever discovers an ancient text that details the workings of time. Now Ever must choose between turning back the past and saving her family from the accident that claimed their lives—or staying in the present and saving Damen, who grows sicker every day...

My Thoughts:
What would you do if your only friends abandon you and your boyfriend, your soulmate, the love of your life doesn't even want anything to do with you anymore? This is the case in the stunning sequel to Evermore.

So, I really enjoyed this sequel, although it wasn't as good as Evermore. But it was filled with so much more suspense and mystery that I still couldn't put it down.

In the sequel to the NYT Bestseller, you continue to get to know Ever and Damen and watch as their relationship flourishes and is tested in new ways. When a new student shows up, everything gets completely turned upside-down, changing Ever's life in ways she could have never imagined. Her only friends have left her and now Damen won't even speak to her.

You are taken on a journey to solve a quest and right wrongs in this book and the intensity of the emotions throughout are so realistic.

I can't get over how well Alyson writes. She really makes it feel like you are a part of the story and actually living the life that you are reading.

I will definitely be re-reading this book. It was so amazing. And it's a very easy read too, it pulls you in so much that you can't put it down and before you know it, you're done and waiting for the next one. I extremely recommend it to of course all of the readers of Evermore, but also anyone who is looking for a fresh new fantasy. Or a good little romance ;)

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