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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Overall Rating:

Cover Art:
Again, I am blown away by the cover art for this series. The cover art fits in so well with the story. It really helps to create the atmosphere before you start to read it.

Age Rating:
I would say that any strong YA reader could handle this book. There are some mildly dark scenes as with any of Laurie's work but nothing that a 14 year old can't handle.

Last fall, sixteen-year-old Camelia fell for Ben, the mysterious new boy at school who turned out to have a very mysterious gift- pyschometry, the ability to sense the future through touch. But just as Camelia and Ben's romance began to heat up, he abruptly left town. Brokenhearted, Camelia has spent the last few months studying everything she can about psychometry, and experiencing her own strange brushes with premonition. Camelia wonders if Ben's abilities have somehow rubbed off on her. Can the power of psychometry be transferred?

Even once Ben returns to school, Camelia can't get close enough to share her secret with him. Despite the romantic tension between them, Ben seems aloof, avoiding contact. Then when an unexpected kiss leads to a frightening argument, Camelia makes the painful decision to let Ben go and to move on. Alex, the hot new guy at Knead, seems good for her in ways Ben wasn't. Alex is easy-going, and seems to really care about her.

But when Camelia and Alex start dating, a surprising love triangle results. A chilling sequence of events upturns secrets from Ben's past- and Alex's. Someone is lying, and it's up to Camelia to figure out whom- before it's too late.

My Thoughts:
Deadly Little Lies was a phenomenal sequel to Deadly Little Secret. Just like it's predecessor, Deadly Little Lies was full of suspense. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and I couldn't put it down. It was such an amazing read.

In this sequel, the story of Camilia and Ben continues and you learn more about Ben and his psychometric abilities. So much that was left unanswered in the Deadly Little Secrets is answered in this book as well as new questions being presented.

When a new boy comes to town, things start to get a little interesting, and more questions arise. Camilia is confronted with confused feelings and inquiries about Ben's special talents. More and more suspense unfolds in this new and exciting installment in the intriguing TOUCH series.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has read the first in the series and recommend the series to anyone who has yet to read it. I will definitely be reading it again.


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